Bullock® Excellence for automatic transmission

The pedal-blocking mechanical anti-theft device
for cars with automatic transmission

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Bullock® Excellence is the innovative pedal-blocking mechanical anti-theft device for cars with automatic transmission.

The mono-clamp system locks the brake pedal ensuring maximum protection against theft of the car. Thanks to the use of hardened carbonitrided steel, Bullock® Excellence has a high resistance to cutting and drilling. Every detail is protected from oxidation by galvanisation and powder coating. The closure device is made with drill-proof material and is additionally protected by a Seeger ring that protects it against extraction.
Bullock® Excellence for cars with automatic transmission is:
  • Ultra-resistant
  • Pedal lock
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to fit
  • For cars with automatic transmission
  • Ultra-resistant carbonitrided steel
  • Resistant to cutting and drilling
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Anti-theft lock made in italy
  • 2 numbered keys
  • End adaptors
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Hold the Bullock® lock by its grip, insert the key and turn to open the anti-theft device. Make sure that the “Bullock® Excellence" sticker is turned upwards.


Take the key out of the lock. Insert the Bullock® lock between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. Make sure that the crosspiece with the red safety balls sits on the car floor. If it does not, lengthen or replace the end adapter. Push forward on the grip until the clamp closes automatically around the pedal.


To remove the Bullock® lock, hold the anti-theft device by its grip, insert the key into the lock and turn. The device will unlock and immediately release the pedal.