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Bullock® is the leader in anti-theft devices

1993, Bullock®
was created

The idea was patented worldwide. Construction began on factories in Acqualagna (province of Pesaro), and subsequently the headquarters in Lucrezia di Cartoceto (province of Urbino), which between them produced about three million units in just a few years. It was the start of an unprecedented success story, which just keeps getting better.

Over the years the Bullock® brand and all the products in the range have been greatly improved, thanks to the expert attention paid to the first attempts by thieves to beat the earliest anti-theft devices.


The year 2004 saw the launch of the new Bullock® Excellence model, the pedal-locking anti-theft device that combines advanced technology with maximum security. Thanks to the introduction of the Seeger ring, a steel ring that protects the locking mechanism from every possible attempt to remove it, the Bullock Excellence pedal lock became even more secure.

A few years later came Bullock® Aero, a new anti-theft steering wheel lock that for the first time also offered protection from airbag theft.


In 2009, the range was enhanced by Bullock® Defender Pro, the new universal steering wheel lock, for total protection of the steering wheel.


The new Bullock® Automatico Alarm was launched in 2012. Designed specifically for cars with automatic transmission, this pedal lock combines mechanical anti-theft security with electronic technology, thanks to the introduction of the audible anti-movement alarm.


In 2014 came the latest innovation presented to the market, the Bullock® Absolute: the universal steering wheel and pedal lock developed and tested for total protection of the car.


+ 21.7% volume growth!
A year of highly positive results.


2019 is the year of the brand's entry into the two-wheeler market thanks to Bullock® Urban. The U-lock anti-theft device is one of the lightest on the market characterized by a super scratch and traction strength.


Greater security, greater reliability, greater resistance. Bullock® presents a complete relaunch of the range, featuring numerous hi-tech innovations like the anti-theft lock (made in italy) and original grip.

Bullock®'s values

Bullock® is the brand leader of mechanical car anti-theft devices, recognized for safety and reliability, that joins its strength to the electronic devices, in order to maximize the car’s protection.

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Notoriety
  • Protection
  • Deterrency
  • Resistency

Bullock® is protection

Bullock® is the innovative mechanical
antitheft device leader in Europe to protect your car from theft.

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The leader in anti-theft devices

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