Q: For information or problems, who should I contact?

A: For assistance, you can fill out the contact form on the "request contact" page and select the reason for your request.

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: In hypermarkets, hardware stores and car parts/accessories shops. You can visit the page Authorized stores also or fill out the appropriate contact request to find out the nearest points of sale where you can purchase Bullock® products.

Q: Do you have tutorials on how to install the products?

A: Yes, in the "video" section of the website, there is an installation tutorial for each product.

Q: Where is the model number of my Bullock® product written?

A: The model is indicated on all product packaging, whereas on the product itself, it depends on the product type:
- Excellence for manual transmission: written on the circular sticker on the handle
- Excellence for automatic transmission: written on the circular sticker on the handle
- Defender: being a universal anti-theft device, there is only one model
- Absolute: being a universal anti-theft device, there is only one model.

Q: If I lose the key, which models offer the possibility of a duplicate key?

A: You can only request a duplicate key if you are in possession of the relevant key duplication code, for the following models:
- Excellence for manual transmission and Excellence for automatic transmission, in the version supplied with two keys.
- Defender, in the version supplied with two keys. The Defender supplied with three keys does not offer the possibility of key duplication in the event of loss.

Q: Where can I find the key code? Is the code ZADI?

A: The code is engraved on the key. We recommend you write down the code so you can proceed with duplication should it become necessary.

Q: Who do I contact to get a duplicate key made?

A: You must contact the place where you bought it and specify your problem. The reseller will give you assistance as soon as possible.

Q: I have lost both keys; what can I do?

A: Important: without the key code it is not possible to proceed with key duplication. However, if you do possess the code, you can follow the normal key duplication procedure indicated in the answer to the question above.

Q: Does Bullock® have service centres?

A: No, there are no service centres. For the procedure to follow in case of need, you can fill out the contact form on the "request contact" page and select "other" from the reasons listed, or call the toll-free number 800 857 066.

Q: What guarantee do Bullock® products offer?

A: For all of our products, the maximum guarantee is 2 years from date of purchase. To take advantage of the guarantee, you must retain your proof of purchase.

Q: (Excellence) In the instructions it says I have to extend the Bullock®, but how do I do that?

A: You can use a screwdriver to loosen the screw located at the bottom of the head adaptor and extend it by up to 20 mm.

Q: (Excellence) I bought the model that is compatible with my car, but it does not seem to close properly because it only makes one click. Is this normal?

A: Yes, with certain models of car the Bullock® closes with just one click and not two. There is no security issue for the vehicle, as the model has been tested by our technicians and approved according to the pedal differences.

Q: (Defender) The two screws that hold the arm have fallen out; can you send me another two?

A: No. Please call the toll-free number 800 857 066 and ask for the procedure to return the product to the company, as it needs to be examined by our technical staff.

Q: (Defender) I have installed the product, but the arm that rests on the dashboard moves, and so does the Defender itself; is this normal?

A: Yes, the product needs a little bit of slack. It does not have to stick tightly to the steering wheel; the important thing is that the wheel cannot turn completely.

Q: Which cars can a Bullock® Defender Pro be used with?

A: Bullock® Defender Pro can be mounted on any car, except for the old Fiat Panda.

Q: Is Bullock® Defender Pro compatible with Smart cars?

A: Yes. It is also suitable for all types of city car as well as mini-cars and micro-cars.

Q: Which cars can Bullock® Absolute be used with?

A: Bullock® Absolute can be mounted on any car, except for those with a particularly thick steering wheel cover, which may prevent it from closing. If in doubt, please contact us before buying.

Q: If I lose one of the three keys of my Bullock® Absolute, can I request a duplicate?

A: No, for Bullock® Absolute it is not possibile to request a duplicate key.

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