Europ assistance for a whole year

Europ assistance for a whole year

The new promotional offer Bullock ® is born from the collaboration with Europ Assistance, a leading company in private assistance.

Europ Assistance is a leader in private assistance, with a role it has consolidated over time. The operational centers operating 24 hours a day have the task of offering assistance and activating the most appropriate structures to meet the needs of their customers.

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Bullock ® and Europ Assistance from today together to offer the best in terms of safety and protection!

From now on, for all Bullock consumers the special Europ Assistance card which will give 1 year of free assistance in case of any type of breakdown to their vehicle !!!!

An explanatory leaflet including the registration coupon and the special Europ Assistance Card will be included in the Bullock ® packages.

To subscribe to the offer, the consumer must simply fill in the coupon and send it in a sealed envelope together with the receipt and proof of purchase (written Bullock ® cut out of the package) to the address shown on the coupon itself.

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What will consumers of Bullock ® be entitled to?

The Bullock ® consumer will be entitled to a free wrecker throughout Europe, for one year from the date of purchase of the product for any type of breakdown in their vehicle!

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Reimbursement of travel expenses and hotel expenses

In the event that a car repair downtime exceeding 24 hours is required, Bullock ® & amp; Europ Assistance will provide the consumer Bullock ® (and any passengers) with a taxi and a first class train ticket to reach their residence.

Also, should a car repair stop for more than one or two nights be required, Bullock ® & amp; Europ Assistance will arrange accommodation in a hotel and book a taxi service to allow the Insured to reach the hotel.

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